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"Your Habits, your environment & your identity - together are shaping your present and your future"


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Our brains are so unbelievably fascinating and complex. It's amazing that we can change our brain, our behaviour, our habits and our future, meaning we are never stuck. It can be hard and challenging at times and there's no, 'one size fits all' approach, but you CAN change and mould your brain, ultimately shaping your life. 

It was during my third year of my psychology degree that I completed a developmental psychology paper. That sparked my love for educating...

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Reading books is one of my biggest passions! You can never stop learning and growing. These are books that have helped shape my way of thinking and living. 


There's plenty more to come.


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Lost Connections by Johann Hari

“If you have a family member or you, yourself struggle with depression or anxiety, this book will give you hope and understanding."

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    Limitless Mind
    by Jo Boaler

    “Jo explores this myth through her book and reveals the six keys to unlocking our learning potential. These six keys not only change a persons beliefs about their reality , it changes their reality. Through utilising and understanding the keys we begin to unlock parts of ourselves that had been held back are start  to live without limiting beliefs. ”

      The Source
      by Tara Stewart

      “I feel I have developed a wealth of knowledge, as well as numerous tools that assist in unlocking one's mind in order to reach your full potential. Its highly inspiring!”

        The Laws of Human Nature
        by Robert Greene

        “Maybe you are trying to lead a group of people and you have a narcissist in your group, this will explain how you might approach or direct them. Or perhaps you want to have a better understanding of your relationships with yourself, friends and family.”



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          They are informative and slightly quirky! I am aiming to help you understand concepts and ideas about how our brains function, tools that can help enhance your health, how to change your behaviour to build healthy habits whilst also sharing my personal experiences.

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          Read all about valuable life practices and healthy habits that we often don't prioritise.


          Deepen your knowledge on human behaviour so you can make long lasting changes with ease.


          Learn how you can make a difference and how to help reduce the inequalities in New Zealand. 


          "Oh man. I just love how real and authentic you are! thanks for being so raw and open on this channel. Legit one of my fave people I follow on insta"



          "Hey chick, I have never met you but I admire you so much. You are a true inspiration to me and many others. You are so positive bless your beautiful soul. I'm cert blessed to have been able to follow you, Thanks you so much for being you. Keep smiling that beautiful smile and dint go changing. You have so helped my mental health just by being you and my partner has even noticed. So imagine how many others you have helped.

          "Love everything you're doing and all the positivity you put out there. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. It really does reach out to people!"