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Our brains are so fascinating and complex. It's amazing how we can change our brain, our behaviour, our habits, our environment, and our future, meaning we are never stuck. It can be hard and challenging at times and there's no, 'one size fits all' approach, but you CAN change and mould your brain, , build sustainable habits that strengthen your mental and physical health, and support your community well-being, ultimately all shaping your life. 

It was during my third year of my Bachelor of Science in Psychology that I completed a developmental psychology paper. That sparked my love for educating.

There is plenty more to a teachers role than what you might consider the main core areas (Literacy and numeracy). I personally enjoy challenging students' views towards learning, especially when they believe they are not confident in various areas. Watching children change their opinions and beliefs over the year I'm with them makes the role of an educator very rewarding. I often remind my students that no two brains are the same, our brains are even different from the day before. We are always learning and growing, and that never stops.


I also love teaching my students how to be amazing little humans to themselves and each other through kind acts, showing gratitude, being inclusive,  showing empathy towards others, be accepting and understanding. I admire the positive influence teachers can have in shaping and moulding a childs brain, their life and therefore society.

Today my love for psychology and educating extends beyond children to also include adults and focuses on brain health and community and relational well-being which includes an understanding of the wider social and commercial determinants of health. i.e how companies with little regulation alongside their marketing and advertising contribute to your physical and mental health, as well as the political, economic, and physical environments in which we engage and interact with. These factors alongside your individual elements (e.g thoughts, beliefs, health habits, physiology, behaviour) and your social relationships influence your health and well-being. It's important to be mindful of them all.

I’m currently studying my Masters's in Psychology with an endorsement in Health Psychology at Massey University in Auckland. I should be finished in March 2023. YAY!

If you're interested in learning about human behaviour, mastering behaviour change through sustainable habits, and how to enhance your physical and mental health, manage stress more efficiently, develop a strong and healthy mind and brain, build emotional resilience, find your values and how to align with them, work towards your mental and physical goals, and how to care for your whanāu (families) and community well-being then follow @victorialouisefuller on Instagram or keep up to date through this website. I try to post something weekly but I'll be more hands-on once I finish my research. 

If you have any thoughts or questions, please do get in touch.

I hope what is shared resonates with you and supports you in some way.

Much love,



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