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The Laws of Human Nature

by Robert Greene

This book is my bible for human behaviour and understanding human nature. As I experience things in life I often find myself dipping in and pulling out certain knowledge.


The psychology behind the behaviour of people around you is decoded chapter by chapter. Robert shares what motivates us and by knowing this we can learn to be better people for ourselves and for others. It is through observing and reflecting on our behaviour that we can master our behaviour. We can develop as he puts it, our third eye vision in order to be more empathetic, friendly and further enjoy the flow of life.


The insights Greene provides shows that people have remained fundamentally the same, for better or worse even though much has changed throughout time.


Something I particularly love is the stories used to demonstrate an idea, which are also based on true events. They are illuminating and keep you captivated. Following the stories is a hearty explanation and analysis of the behaviour of the certain characters, what motivated them and what they did successfully or unsuccessfully.


During one story we are introduced to the life of Coco Chanel and what motivated her. She was a poor girl, shut out by her family and educated by nuns. She liked to do things slightly differently with an airing mystery and now runs a fashion empire that is still successful today. We learnt about Queen Elizabeth 1 and how she chose to think and act in order to be successful as a woman in that time.


Perhaps you want to have a better understanding of your relationships with yourself, friends and family. You might want to learn how to lead a group of people or you could possibly have a narcissist as a colleague or friend in your friend group. This book seems to explain it all. 


A big takeaway is a reminder that our life experiences upto the very moment that you are reading this, have shaped who we are and how we approach and perceive life. BUT, with an awareness like this and the knowledge this book gives to you, you can begin to understand why you behave in a certain way, mastering human behaviour and being better people for everyone. Bluntly put, this can lead to a GOOD life.


So do I recommend this? Yes. :)

You can find this book at Book Depository using my affiliate link: The Laws of Human Nature

This basically means that if you like this book and want to buy it, if you buy it through the link I've provided I get 10%. I wasn't sure whether to include affiliate links in my book reviews or not ,but in the end I came to the conclusion  that because it doesn't cost you anything extra I thought, why not. No worries if you end up getting this book somewhere else. If it sounds like something you want to explore further, I'm just stoked that you want to read it. Much love!

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