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  • Victoria Louise Fuller

How can you help close the Gender and Ethnic pay gaps?

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

(which can significantly impact health and well-being)

Did you know in Aotearoa New Zealand pay gaps still exist!!

For every $1.00 a Pākeha man earns:

  • A Pākeha woman earns $0.89

  • A Māori man earns $0.86

  • An Asian man earns $0.86

  • An Asian woman earns $0.83

  • A Pasifika man earns $0.81

  • A Māori woman earns $0.81

  • A Pasifika woman earns $0.75

Every dollar counts when it comes to supporting you and your whānaus health and well being.

Income and pay gaps are connected to mental health. Research shows pay gaps can have a substantial impact on mental health (Platt et al. 2016) and an improvement in income can lead to an improvement in wellbeing (Thomson et al. 2022).

Although some of the gap may be due to differences in experience and education, research shows much of the gap is attributed to conscious or unconscious bias or discrimination.

International experience has shown that the simple act of requiring organisations to report their pay gaps to the public significantly reduces them. Reducing the gap can result in people being paid fairly and equitably for the work they do.

Theres TWO ways YOU can help

1) Sign the petition found by clicking here. The petition encourages the government to make reporting pay gaps mandatory for businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand.

2) Head to and check if the business you work for (and/or your whānau and friends) reports gender and ethnicity pay gaps. If they don't report this data head to to find some scripts, templates and advice on how to approach the topic of pay with the employer.

Thank you!

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