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The source

by tara stewart

Dr Tara Swart, author of The Source is an amazing human who is very much one of my role models.


She is a neuroscientist, a psychiatrist, business coach, public speaker, educator, and has a really soothing voice! Ha


Through our brief exchanges via instagram she comes across an honest, helpful and caring human who is driven to help others by understanding their mind so they can live to their potential. 


I bought this book during my travels in England in 2018. This was a time in my life where I started to explore spirituality and how science either supported or disputed some of the spiritual claims. I’m very open minded and like to challenge my thoughts and beliefs on things which may initially be foreign to me.


I accidentally left this book in Sweden where I was living for a few months during the ski season also in 2018. I was absolutely devastated. I later bought the book online when I was home in New Zealand and was finally reunited with The Source. That sounds dramatic, but I'm really fond of this book. Today it sits proudly in my bookshelf. 


I feel I have developed a wealth of knowledge, as well as numerous tools that assist in unlocking one's mind in order to reach your full potential. Its highly inspiring! I find it offers a great introduction into the science and power of the mind. Some of topics it covers are; law of attraction, action boards, neuroplasticity, the importance of sleep and movement, how to challenge autopilot thinking and much more. If this is something you are looking at exploring, this book is one to invest in.


It was one of the first books that set me off on an adventure hungry for more knowledge. I often use it today as it explains many things in an easy to read manner.


If you like ordering online, like myself, you can find it here using my affiliate link at Book Depository Australia.

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